Miriam Gensowski, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Copenhagen

Non-technical articles about my work:

Research Interests:

I am interested in the origins and consequences of human inequality. My research is at the intersection of labor economics and economics of education, and draws on personality economics and micro-econometric techniques.

I have studied the role of skills and parents in explaining occupational sorting, education, and wages in a project funded by a MOBILEX grant, awarded by a cooperation of the Marie Curie Program under FP7 (European Commission) and the Danish Council for Independent Research.

More recently, the Novo Foundation has awarded 10 mio. DKK to a project "Behavioral Responses to Health innovations and the Consequences for Socioeconomic Outcomes". There, I am responsible for one third of the project that specifically aims to open the black box of health production via adoption of new technologies, and the role that socio-emotional skills play in this adoption process.



Miriam Gensowski
Department of Economics
University of Copenhagen
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