Mette Ejrnæs, Professor, PhD. Stafetten_Mette Ejrnæs

Department of Economics

University of Copenhagen

Øster Farimagsgade 5, Buildning 26

DK-1353 Copenhagen K

Tel. no.: (+45) 35 32 30 62







Personal data:                  Born October 1st, 1970, Copenhagen. Married, two children



2012-                                Professor, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen

2010-2012                         Professor, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen and the Danish National Centre for Social Research

2002-2010                         Associate professor, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen.

1999-2002                         Assistant professor, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen



June 2000                          PhD. in Economics, University of Copenhagen

Sept. 1997 - June 1998      Visiting Student at University College London, England

May 1996                          M.Sc. (cand. scient. oecon.) in Mathematics-Economics, University of Copenhagen                           


Research interests:

Applied microeconometrics, consumption, income and wages



FSE grants 2005: “Self-Employment, Unemployment Risk and Unemployment Insurance”, Amount 282.617 kr.

FSE grants 2009: “Consumption with Heterogeneous Preferences and Heterogeneous Income Processes”, Amount 132.083 kr.

EPRN grant 2010: “Does insurance increase entrepreneurship”, Amount 300.000 kr.

FSE grant 2012: “Joint earnings and employment over the life course”, Amount 1,994,977 kr.

TrygFonden 2014: ''Effective interventions for children in out-of-home care: exploring and explaining the impact of decisions and types of treatment”, 7.9 mio kr.


Research centres or networks

CAM (Center for Applied Microeconometrics)

EPRU (Economic Policy Research Unit)

Microeconometric Network

Associate member of Nuffield College


Visiting scholarship

Nuffield College, Oxford University, January-June 2010



Publication list






Sule Alan, Martin Browning and Mette Ejrnæs: "Income and Consumption: A Semi structural  Analysis of Pervasive Heterogeneity", Accepted for publication in Journal of Political Economy


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         Mette Ejrnæs and Karl Gunnar Persson 1999: Grain Storage in Early Modern Europe. Journal of Economic History 59(3), pp. 762-772.



Contributions to books:


         Econometric Appendix in Grain Markets in Europe, 1500-1900. Integration and deregulation, pp. 114-130, by Karl Gunnar Persson, Cambridge University Press, 1999.


Publications in Danish:


Ejrnæs, M and S. Hald Andersen: Plejefamilie eller institution? Når anbringelsesstedet gør en forske. I SS. Hald Andersen og P. Fallesen (red), Når man anbringer et barn II., s 101-121. Odense: Syddansk Universitetsforlag,  2013.


Ejrnæs M., Ejrnæs N. M., Frederiksen S. Socialt udsatte børn og unge: forebyggelse og anbringelser i kommunerne. I: S. Hald Andersen (red.),Når man anbringer et barn: baggrund, stabilitet i anbringelsen og det videre liv, s. 37-59. Odense: Syddansk Universitetsforlag, 2010.


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Anne Møller Danø, Mette Ejrnæs and Leif Husted, 2000:Påvirker efterlønsreformen de ældres tilbagetrækningsalder? Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift 138 (2000): 205-221.


Anne Møller Danø, Mette Ejrnæs and Leif Husted, 1999: Kvinder, mænd og efterløn. AKF nyt nr. 1 marts 1999.






American Economic Review, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Economic Inquiry, Economic Journal, European Review of Economic History, Explorations in Economic  History,  International Economic Review,  Journal of American Statistical Association, Journal of Economic History, Journal of Population Economics, Labor Economics, Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Oxford Economic Papers, Review of Economic Studies,  Scandinavian Journal of Economics.


Current teaching:

Probability Theory and Statistics, Fall 2015, Fall 2016 and Fall 2017