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About student seminars and writing BA, MA and PhD theses

Students seminars

Generalities about the student seminar (05-01-2007)

On plagiarism. See also the Study Handbook:

Hints about writing

My advice for students writing BA or MA theses

Tips on writing economics papers: some links.

Writing research papers:

Chad Jones's recommendations:

Daniel Hamermesh, The young economist's guide to professional etiquette, J. of Economic Perspectives, 6,1, 169-179, 1992.

David Romer´s recommendations:

Greg Mankiw: How to write well and Recommendations for graduate students

Hal Varian on model building:

John H. Cochrane: Writing tips for ph.d. students.

Michael Kremer' s recommendations:

Paul Krugman: How I work (1991),

William Thomson: Writing Papers, Rochester Center for Economic Research. Working Papers no. 417, June 1996.

In Danish: Om skriveprocessens håndværk m.m.

Den skriftlige eksamens fem bud: her

Råd vedr. skriftlige arbejder på kandidatstudiet (2003): her