Student Seminar Spring 2012

The financial crisis and its macroeconomic repercussions

Teacher: Christian Groth

Some general course material

Outline of the seminar

Topics and literature 30/1/2012 (pdf)    Dynamic reference list

        Outline of a project on the New Keynesian workhorse model (by Jeppe Druedahl)

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The study administration's guide to economic seminars. It describes the purpose as well as some practical issues relevant for teachers as well as students. Please take a look at it here:

Deadline for uploading the finished paper, in Absalon, is the same for all, namely March 27th at 10:00 a.m.


1. First meeting, Thursday February 2, 9-11 a.m. in CSS 26.0.22 (NB! new): Agenda.

    Follow-up: I have tried to set up and start a Discussion Forum in Absalon, so please use it as much as you would like. I also posted a text on practical matters as well as Say's law, but the discussion forum does not accept display formulas written in MathType. Therefore the complete text is here.

    The slides presented today are published in Absalon. Some of them were based on this very useful source:

Adrian & Shin, The changing nature of financial intermediation and the financial crisis of 2007-2009, Annual Review of Economics, vol. 2, 603-618, 2010.

2. Second meeting, Tuesday April 3, 10:15-12:00, in CSS 26.0.22: New Keynesian DSGE models.

    The subsequent meetings will take place in Room 26.1.21B except 23rd of April where we meet in 26.2.20.

3. Subsequent meetings, see plan in Absalon.


Short- and long-run aspects of fiscal policy in a deep recession. A note, February 2011, revised May 2012.

Adv. Macro homepage

Macro and growth policies in the wake of the crisis:

NKE literature