Advanced Macroeconomics
Fall 2016



Tell me and I will forget
Show me and I will remember
Involve me and I will understand

Step back and I will act 

(Chinese proverb on learning)


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Data sets
Macro economists


VoxEU: Research-based policy analysis
Institute for New Economic
Thinking (INET)
Krugman and Layard: A manifesto for economic sense
Center for Equitable Growth
Center for Macroeconomics (CFM)

Martin Wolf's Economists' Forum

European economic policy
The Economic Policy Institute
Project Syndicate

Other debate  
Resources for Economists

The financial crisis
Tax Justice Network
The Equality Trust
Resources for economists on the internet
Internet resources for macro
Glossary of international economics
Texts on/with data
European Economic Association


From our own world
(any similarity with the dean of CBS is

aimed at)
The Krugman Blues


Macro economists:

Ben Bernanke
Willem Buiter
Ben Heijdra
Bradford DeLong
Carl-Johan Dalgaard
Carl Walsh
Charles I. Jones
Charles Wyplosz
Danny Quah
Dani Rodrik
Daron Acemoglu
David Romer
Cilles Saint-Paul
Gregory Mankiw
Hans Jørgen Whitta-Jacobsen
Henrik Jensen
Jeffrey Frankel
Jean-Paul Fitoussi
Jonathan Temple
John Quiggin
Jordi Gali

Joseph E. Stiglitz
Katarina Juselius
Kenneth Rogoff
Lars Svensson
Lawrence Summers
Mark Thoma
Mark Gertler
Markus Brunnermeier
Maurice Obstfeld
Michael Woodford
Miles Kimball

Nobuhiro Kiyotaki
Nouriel Roubini
Oded Galor
Olivier Blanchard
Peter Skott
Paul Krugman
Paul Romer
Paul Segerström
Peter Howitt
Peter Skott
Philippe Aghion
Roger Farmer
Robert Shiller
Sergio Rebelo
Simon Wren-Lewis
Thomas Sargent 
Willem Buiter
Xavier Sala-i-Martin

General internet resources  for economists:

Computation, simulation of dynamic systems
Resources for Economists
Resources for economists on the internet
Quantitative Macroeconomics Home Page
Economic Growth Resources
Internet Resources for Economists 


Data sets:
Charles Jones’ Data Archive
EHE website

Groningen Growth and Developing Centre
Michael Kremer's Data Guide

Penn World Table:


Resources for Economists
Sergio Rebelo's Data Archive
Stock markets

World Bank:
Economic Growth Project
Inequality data
The other side of openness: Tax Justice Network

Sjak Smulders

Econometrics links

Library service:

Texts on/with data:
Barro, R J., and X. Sala-i-Martin, 2003, Economic Growth, 2. ed., Chapter 10-12.
Maddison, A., 2001, The world Economy: A Millennial Perspective, OECD.
Summers, R., and A. Heston, 1991, The Penn World Table (Mark 5): An expanded set of international comparisons, 1950-1988, Quarterly
 J. Economics 106,
no. 2, 327-68.

European economic policy debate
Center for European Policy Studies
The Economist
Centre for Economic Policy    Research

Other debate
Mark Thoma's: Economist's View
The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor
 and Stupid
The Unofficial Paul Krugman Web Page
VoxEU: Research-based policy analysis
Institute for New Economic
Thinking (INET)


Lecturer is Christian Groth,

Course Plan and Syllabus (new final)

General description of the course  
Lectures: Tuesdays 10-12
in CSS 35-0-12.
First lecture Tuesday Sept. 6.

Lectures and lecture notes with Errata 

Groth: Lecture Notes in Macroeconomics (mimeo),
as partially updated Oct. 1, 2017 or later, here

Exercise Class, by Niklas Brønager: Week 37-41 Mondays 8-10 in CSS 2-1-12. Week 43-50 Fridays 15-18 in CSS 2-1-12. First class Monday Sept. 12.

If you don't use it, you will lose it

Internal evaluation in Week ?
External evaluation in Week ?
Midterm paper problem is here (at 13/10).

  Questions and answers related to the exam (deadline for questions Dec. 17 at 8 a.m.)
Recommendations for written exam

Electronic exam

Supplementary material and debate
Conversation between Blanchard and Krugman, Dec. 2015.
Paul Krugman on Economics in the Crisis
Spending multipliers. Debt slumps.
Previous exams

Computation, simulation