Roman roads to prosperity: Persistence and non-persistence in public goods provision
July 2018
with Ola Olsson (Gothenburg), Carl-Johan Dalgaard (Copenhagen) and Nicolai Kaarsen (DØRS)
Featured in:
- Washington Post
- The Telegraph UK
- Corriere della Sera
- World Economic Forum
- BBC News
- Vox Talks
- Principio de Incertidumbre (in Spanish)
Historical migration and contemporary health 
October 2018
with Thomas B. Andersen (SDU), Carl-Johan Dalgaard (Copenhagen) and Christian Skovsgård (SDU)
Fishermen's wives: On the cultural origins of violence against women
December 2017
with Vincent Leyaro (U Dar es Salaam) and Neda Trifkovic (Copenhagen)
The Bounty of the Sea and Long-Run Development
October 2017
with Carl-Johan Dalgaard (Copenhagen) and Anne Sofie Beck Knudsen (Copenhagen) Supplementary appendix here.
Don't get mad, get even
October 2018
with Carlos Molina (MIT) and James A. Robinson (Chicago)