Monetary Economics: Macro Aspects

Spring, 2007

Henrik Jensen
Department of Economics
University of Copenhagen



Welcome to the web site of the course "Monetary Economics: Macro Aspects," offered at the Master's Programme at Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen. On this site you will find a host of relevant information about the course, and the page will be regularly updated. You should therefore visit this site at least twice a week to stay up to date (so, bookmark it right away).


Breaking News


June 28: Grades from the exam are here (pdf file 350 Kb).


June 25: Suggested answers for the exam can be found here (pdf file 77 Kb). According to plans, the grades should be available at the end of this week.


June 15: It's exam day:



June 15: Results from the external course evaluation. I have now received the evaluation, and it can be retrieved here (pdf file, 20 Kb). Thanks to those who took time to answer. Your inputs are very much appreciated for the ongoing improvements of the course!


June 11: A small FAQ entry is available. (June 13: Algebra provided for the particular FAQ entry.)


May 22: Lectures have ended. Thanks for your attendance! It was a real pleasure to be running this class. Hope you will all do well at the exam! - Henrik


May 22: Slides from last lectures are now posted.


May 22. Recap information on "Inflation Targeting" is now available. Go to recap section.


May 21: Final curriculum is posted on course details and plans.


May 14: Regarding our visit from Norges Bank: See link section for the material.


May 9: Regarding our visit to Danmarks Nationalbank. See link section, for a link to a speech by U.S. Federal Reserve governor Frederic Mishkin mentioned by Jesper Berg. Later, a link to paper by Anders Møller Christensen will be provided.


May 3: Recap information on "Open-economy aspects and monetary policy coordination models" are now available. Go to recap section.


April 19: Big Apologies for not stressing that the appendix of my 2002, AER article is not curriculum!


April 17: Clarification on curriculum. Whenever something is listed as "supplementary" og "recommended" in the "next lectures" section, it is not curriculum in the sense that there will be exam questions in the material. It is intended for the reading pleasure by the particularly interested. Stuff that is not labelled at all, is curriculum by default in the sense that there can be exam questions in it.


April 2: Results from internal course evaluation. I have now received the evaluation, and it can be retrieved here (pdf file, 62 Kb). First of all, thanks to those who took time to answer. Unfortunately, only 8 out of the 32 who has signed up for the exam responded. This leaves the results potentially unrepresentative, and a bit difficult (for me) to respond to. I will, however, try to make more derivations on the board; but note that you should also encourage me to do so at the lectures. About the slides being to "wordy," I take the point. The problem is that I, one the other hand, would like the slides to be understandable and self-contained. I will, however, try to cut down on the prose in the future.


February 9: On optimization in real life (opens new window).


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