Monetary Economics: Macro Aspects

Spring, 2009

Henrik Jensen
Department of Economics
University of Copenhagen

Notes and exercises


Various notes on the curriculum and exercises


Note on the steady state in the basic CIA model of Walsh (2003, Chapter 3) (pdf file, 40 Kb).


Exercise solved Thursday, March 5 (the stochastic CIA-model of Chapter 3 in Walsh, 2003) (pdf file, 90 Kb)


Notes on Chapter 5 in Walsh (2003); to accompany slides of March 17 (pdf file, 100 Kb)


Exercise, March 19 (pdf file 50 Kb)

The solution to the March 19 exercise (contains some methodological info on the method of undetermined coefficients and discussion about the policy ineffectiveness proposition under rational expectations (pdf file, 110 Kb). Revised March 27 (only the discussion). Revised April 21 (few typos in text).


Equivalence of (9.11) and (9.10) in Walsh (2003) when (9.11) involves linear projections of the shocks on the nominal interest rate (pdf file, 65 Kb)


Deriving (9.21) in Walsh (2003) (pdf file, 60 Kb)


Presentation by Hugo Frey Jensen, Danmarks Nationalbank, May 14 (Power Point file, 1 Mb)


 Notes to Svensson's (1997) Appendix B (pdf file, 50 Kb)


The Obstfeld-Rogoff model: Derivation of relative demand, the price index, and an example of log linearization (pdf file, 85 Kb)


Old exam sets

Go here (opens new window) for the collection of previous exam sets and suggested solutions. Note that the exam in 2006 was "open book" and therefore slightly harder than the earlier exams. Hence, the exams in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008 are the most representative for the exam of this course. In the link there is some confusion about the 2008 sets. So I post them here:
Regular exam 2008 (pdf, 70 kb); suggested answers (pdf, 110 kb)
Re-exam 2008 (pdf 58 kb); suggested answers (pdf, 82 kb)
I also see that the 2003 exam is a weird version of the set. So here it is (pdf, 70 Kb)



Presentation by Hugo Frey Jensen, Danmarks Nationalbank, May 14 (Power Point file, 1 Mb)