Welcome to the 2010 web site of the course "Monetary Economics: Macro Aspects," offered at the Master's Programme at Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen. On this site you will find a host of relevant information about the course, and the page will be regularly updated. You should therefore visit this site at least twice a week to stay up to date (so, bookmark it right away).


Limited use of Absalon

As I firmly believe in openness in education and research, I do not want to run a course with a web-site hidden for the general public. So this site, and not the Absalon site, will be the official certified web-resource for the course. The only function of Absalon in this course, will be for collecting e-mail adresses (in case I need to send you important information quickly), and running evaluations. Otherwise, in terms of contents, this is the place to be. Welcome! I hope you will enjoy the course!


Remember, however, to sign up for the course via Absalon in any case.


Breaking News

I have posted a link to a very helpful teaching page (from another economist, Peter Ireland, who does not hide his teaching for the public :-) ) on mathematics in dynamic economic models.


The internal evaluation is received and 18 have responded. THANKS! Go through the evaluation here (pdf 50 Kb).


May 31: A new FAQ has been posted (on the Lucas model, and it includes some info on log-linearizations).


June 8: Typos in the excercise of February 15 have been corrected (concerning a sign in the f.o.c. (5) and the date of labor in the real interest rate definition).
June 9: A typo in Clarida et al. (1999) has been identified (pdf, 25 Kb).


May 31: About the exam: Three important documents to aid you:
    * Final Curriculum (pdf, 60 kb). The final list.
    * Recap Information (pdf, 60 kb). A document with the relevant concepts you should know.
    * Hints for doing well (pdf, 35 kb). A few hints about the exam, how to do good, and how not to do!


June 21:
    * The June 16 exam (pdf, 75 Kb)
    * Solution to the exam (pdf, 110 Kb)