Welcome to the 2011 web site of the course "Monetary Economics: Macro Aspects," offered at the Master's Programme at Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen. On this site you will find a host of relevant information about the course, and the page will be regularly updated. You should therefore visit this site at least twice a week to stay up to date (so, bookmark it right away).


Limited use of Absalon

As I firmly believe in openness in education and research, I do not want to run a course with a web site hidden for the general public. So this site, and not the Absalon site, will be the official certified web-resource for the course. The only function of Absalon in this course, will be for collecting e-mail adresses (in case I need to send you important information quickly), and running evaluations. Otherwise, in terms of contents, this is the place to be.

Welcome! I hope you will enjoy the course!


Breaking News

(Note, a collection of "Old breaking news" is available.)

I have posted a link to a very helpful teaching page (from another economist, Peter Ireland, who does not hide his teaching for the public :-) ) on mathematics in dynamic economic models.


March 3: The date for the final exam has been moved from June 23 to June 24.

May 16: 

List of typos has been updated.

May 18:

Advise about the exam (pdf, 4,1 Mb)


May 31:

I have collected all the relevant page numbers for the chapters of the final curriculum into one document (pdf, 70 Kb)


July 8:

Grades from the June 24 exam should be available on the faculty webpage soon (hopefully later today).

Here are the exam questions (pdf, 65 Kb)
Here are the suggested solutions to the set (pdf, 90 Kb)


September 16:

Grades from the August 19 exam are posted here.

Here are the exam questions (pdf, 65 Kb)
Here are the suggested solutions to the set (pdf, 95 Kb)