Welcome to the 2014 web site of the course "Monetary Economics: Macro Aspects," offered at the Master's Programme at Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen. On this site you will find a host of relevant information, and the page will be regularly updated. You should therefore visit this site at least thrice a week to stay up to date.


Limited use of Absalon

As I firmly believe in openness in education and research, I do not want to run a course with a web site hidden for the general public. So this site, and not the Absalon site, will be the official certified web-resource for the course. The only function of Absalon in this course, will be for collecting e-mail adresses (in case I need to send you important information quickly), and running evaluations. Otherwise, in terms of academic contents, this is the place to be.

Welcome! I hope you will enjoy the course!


Breaking News

(Archive of old news is here.)

May 19: Advise about exam.


June 3: Final curriculum (as promised - thanks for the push; note, it is just a collection of what is on the slides, so you had the information).


June 11: The typos list has been updated with a typo in the slides of May 19.


June 16: Comments on one aspect of the final evaluations. There are two students that complain about 3 cancellations.
1) I have only cancelled when necessary, and you are not entitled to substitute classes when cancellations are due to illness (which in the real world is unpredictable and not pleasant, so please stop calling it "unacceptable"; how dare you?)
2) I count only two bona fide cancellations. One instance erroneously counted as a cancellation was an excercise during which I encouraged you to complete things on your own, and I provided you with heavy material afterwards, which more than made up for my lack of physical presence.
3) In the end you got 21 classes = 42 hours. A 7.5 ECTS course is based on 14 weeks with an average of 3 hours per week. 14*3 = 42, so you got what you could ask for.