F. A. Q. Section

On this page, I will post questions and answers that arise during the course. A fruitful form of communication, if you have problems with some of the curriculum, is to e-mail me the problem/question. First, one often solves the issue by oneself by formulating it in writing. Secondly, by writing me an e-mail question, I can provide a much clearer answer than is usually the case in verbal exchange. Finally, when everything is written down, one can make the issue available to all students. This is valuable, as it is quite likely that fellow students have had similar problems with the issue. Therefore, feel free to e-mail questions. I will then make the question and answer publicly available here for everyone's benefit. Of course, your name will not be mentioned (unless you demand so); hence, there is nothing to lose by posing a "silly question" (and by the way: there is no such thing as a "silly question").


March 9: Three Q/As on seigniorage

March 18: On the robustness of the Friedman rule

March 28: Several Q/As on the exercise on the CIA model  from exam in 2006

April 16: Two questions. One on intermediate targeting; one on inflation dynamics and liquidity traps