Additional readings

(some links point to journals that have restricted access, but our library is your friend!)

Subject 1: On stylized facts and empirical issues


Subject 2: On stability of Money-in-the-Utility Function models


Subject 3: Empirical aspects of seigniorage and monetary-fiscal "dominance"


Other links of general interest

Here is a link to Peter Ireland's fabulous teaching page on mathematics in dynamic economic models (the lecture notes on Kuhn-Tucker/Envelope, the Maximum Principle and Dynamic Programming are excellent and not too difficult).
Here is a link to the 2014 course homepage.
Here is a link to my own list of links to (some) of the economists who write on monetary macro.
Here is the link to Lars Svensson's more comprehensive list of economists links.
Here is the link to Lars Svensson's list of links to central banks.