Lecture slides

Lecture slides - all in pdf format - are posted no later than 18.00 the day before the lectures (not counting the week-end time). Bring the slides to the lecture in order to make notes on them. You do not need to read them beforehand. Read the curriculum for the lecture instead.


February 8: Introductory lecture

February 15: Empirics

February 18 (done February 22): Money in the utility function

February 29. Welfare costs of inflation and a stochastic MIU model

March 3 (done March 7): A cash-in-advance model

March 14: Public budget accounting and inflation

March 17: Optimal taxation, seigniorage, and open-market operations at the zero lower bound

March 21 (done March 31): Incomplete nominal adjustment (I)

April 4: Incomplete nominal adjustment (II)

April 14: Incomplete nominal adjustment (III)

April 18: Operating procedures and intermediate targeting

April 21: Interest-rate policies in and IS/AS setting and inflation targeting

April 25 (done April 28): New-Keynesian models of monetary policy (I)

May 2: New-Keynesian models of monetary policy (II)

May 9: New-Keynesian models of monetary policy (III)


May 26: About the exam (NB: 6 MB)