F. A. Q.

This place is for written questions from you and my answers. This is the deal: if you have problems with some of the curriculum, then write up an e-mail presenting the problem/question. First, one often solves an issue by oneself by formulating it in writing. Secondly, by writing me a question, I can provide a clearer answer than is usually the case in verbal exchange. Finally, with everything written down, one can make the question/answer available to all students.

This is valuable, as it is likely that fellow students have similar problems with the issue. Therefore, feel free to e-mail questions (but only when you have thought it through). I will then make the question and answer publicly available here for everyone's benefit. Of course, your name will not be mentioned (unless you demand so); hence, you have nothing to lose (and by the way: there is no such thing as a "silly question").

February 20: On preparing.

March 21: A question on deriving Vt+1 on p. 10 in slides of March 13

March 29: A question on deriving yt on p. 6 in slides of March 16

April 25: A question on deriving a first-order condition on p. 12 in slides of March 13

May 18: A question on the Taylor rule in slides of May 15