Logistics and contact information

Lectures are on

Wednesdays, 13.15-15. Location: CSS 35-0-12

Thursdays, 13.15-15 in even weeks. Location: CSS 7-0-34

Check out the continuously updated Working Schedule for the details or check the breaking news.

Lecturer is Henrik Jensen.

Contact info: E-mail: Henrik.Jensen@econ.ku.dk
E-mail rule: If I haven't responded in a few days, chances are that your mail has been lost or overlooked; send it again. Please use your official KU mail. I have often experienced that people's mail sent through free e-mail services (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) never arrive as they get caught in KU's spam filter.

Phone: 35 32 30 43 (often out of order - e-mail is the superior contact option)

Web: hjeconomics.dk.

Twitter: @hjecon