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I comment on news, new research, data, and post new ideas on Twitter: @JeanetBentzen


Interviews, blogs and talks


"When You Pray to God Online, Who Else is Listening?" Freakonomics Radio interview, Season 12 Episode 5, Sep 2022.


"Can religion explain inequality across societies?" interview on the ”Vov at Vide” podcast by Videnskab.dk and Independent Research Fund Denmark (in Danish), Sep 2022.


"Chronicle about Economics of Religion in Danish newspaper", Kroniken, Politiken, July 18, 2021.


"How The Pandemic Has Affected The Ways People Worship", radio program about my research, NPR radio, Washington DC, Dec 24, 2020.


"En Religion", podcast about my research on the University of Copenhagen podcast Tankelyn, Sep 4, 2020.


"COVID-19, Disasters & Religion: Conversation with Dr. Jeanet Bentzen", podcast about my research on the Vancouver-based Multi-hazards podcast, Sep 1, 2020.


"The Pandemic is making people more religious", article about my research in the Boston Globe, Aug 27, 2020.


"COVID-19 is Intensifying Religiosity Globally", blogpost about my research on religionanddiplomacy.org.uk, June 15, 2020.


"Rising religiosity as a global response to COVID-19 fear", my blog post about my research on voxeu.org, June 9, 2020.


"Silicon Valley has digitized everything but religion. Will that change?", article about my research in The Washington Post, May 21, 2020


"Will COVID-19 Make People More Religious?", article about my research in Psychology Today, Apr 15, 2020


"How faith communities are responding to the coronavirus pandemic", article about my research in The Conversation, Apr 9, 2020


"Surge on online Google searches for 'prayer'", article about my research in The Tablet, Apr 3, 2020


"Pandemic prompts surge in interest in prayer, Google data show", article about my research in The Telegraph, May 22, 2020


"The Science of Prayer", article about my research in The Wall Street Journal, May 17, 2020


"Pandemien får interessen for bøn til at stige på verdensplan", article about my research in Danish newspaper, Kristeligt Dagblad, May 7, 2020


"Rulers have exploited religion for power purposes throughout history", tweet about my research, May 4, 2020


"People become more religious when disasters strike" article about my research in Finish newspaper Kirkko ja Kauunki, April 16 2020


"Coronavirus gør de troende mere religiøse" article about my research in Danish newspaper, Berlingske Tidende, April 11, 2020


"Googling 'prayer' has skyrocketed with coronavirus spread, expert says", article about my research, Cruxnow.com, April 4 2020


"In Crisis We Pray" Podcast about my research, conviction.dk, April 2020


"Will the COVID-19 lead to a global spike in religiosity?" Blog about my research, Centre for Geopolitics blog, April 2020


"In Crisis We Pray" tweet about my new research, March 30 2020


"Insights Into Spirituality in the Aftermath of a Disaster" radiointerview on Voices of Islam Radio about my religiosity research and the potential link to COVID, March 11 2020. Tweet here.


"Kristne Sind", my comments on others' and my own research Weekendavisen 21/12 2019


"Formet af solen", my comments on others' and my own research Weekendavisen 22/11 2019


"Natural Disasters Make People More Religious", OUPblog 8/10 2019


"More Earthquakes, More Believing", Katapult, Germany Oct 2019


"Study: natural disasters make people believe in God", La Presse, Canada 15/9 2019


"Acts of God?" tweet about my newly published research, Aug 26, 2019


"Religion", Cartoon on my research in four installments of Weekendavisen July 2019


"Natural disasters make people more religious", The Church Times 19/7 2019


"A thorough smiting brings victims closer to God", The London Times 13/7 2019


"Troens økonomi" 55 minutes interview with me on Danish radion about my research in the program "24 spørgsmål til professoren" 24/6 2019


"Religiosity increases during times of natural disasters, finds study", livemint.com 17/9 2018


"Har religion negative konsekvenser for samfundet?" Aftenposten.no 10/7 2018


"News at the Research Frontier", invited speaker at the yearly meeting of the Danish Economic Society (Nationaløkonomisk Forening), Koldingfjord 12/1 2018


"Weber may have been wrong in tracing the hard work ethic to Protestantism" LSE business review, 25/10 2017


"The impact of religious values on economic growth and productivity" voxeu article, 23/10 2017


"Reformationen - Hvorfor er vi lykkelige?" Debate on Deadline DR2, 25/4 2017


"Når Gud holder øje er vi sødere ved fremmede", Videnskab.dk, 11/2 2016


"Kunstvanding er kilde til ulighed", Videnskab.dk, 13/11 2015


"How Catholic Monks Made the West Rich", blogspot on freerepublic.com 12/12 2014


"Er kapitalismen et produkt af kristendommen?" interview in Kristeligt Dagblad, 21/11 2013


"Flid og nøjsomhed betaler sig", Chronicle, Videnskab.dk, 30/1 2013


"Forbrugerminimalisme er det nye statussymbol", interview in Kristeligt Dagblad, 4/1 2013


"Did a dangerous Business Climate Strike the Sunshine State's Economy?" Article about my research in bebr.ufl.edu, 10/12 2013


"Fremtidens samfundsvidenskabelige eksperter", short interview in Djøfbladet (side 22), 26/10 2012


"Flid og nøjsomhed betaler sig", short post for Dansk Magisterforening, 19/10 2012


"Geografiens byrde", interview in Weekendavisen, 28/9 2012


"The impact of irrigation on democracy", blogspot on economiclogic.blogspot.dk, 29/8 2012


"In defense of the Wittfogel hypothesis", blogspot on Marginalrevolution.com, 23/8 2012


"Er kristendommen en kilde til velstand?", article about my research, Kristeligt Dagblad, 17/8 2012


"Why some countries are richer than others", article about my research, Sciencenordic.com, 23/7 2012


"Derfor er de vestlige lande de rigeste", article about my research, Jyllandsposten, 19/7 2012


"Munkeorden grundlagde vestlig velstand", interview for Videnskab.dk, 19/7 2012


"Moral og lyn er årsagen til at vi er rigere end Congo", interview in Dagbladet Information, 22/5 2012


"Hvorfor er nogle lande rigere end andre?", essay for Dagbladet Information, 13/5 2012


"Lynnedslag kan dræne økonomien", article about my research, Politiken, 13/10 2009


"Lynnedslag truer økonomien", article about my research, Faculty of Social Science News, University of Copenhagen, 13/10 2009


"Uma ideia para nos livrar de Sarney", interview in Super Interessante Magazine, 15/9 2009


"There Go the Servers: Lightning's New Perils", article about my research, Wall Street Journal, 25/8 2009