Courses: At the moment I teach the following courses:

·         Economic History, a second-year mandatory course, where we investigate why some societies are richer than others today by looking into the countries' distant past.

·         Philosophy of Science for Economists, a third-year mandatory course, where we put all the models learnt so far into perspective and discuss what makes a good economist.

·         The Seminar "Fundamental Determinants of Economic Outcomes", where students test some of the theories from Economic History empirically.

Supervision: I supervise bachelor and master students and a PhD student.

·         I supervise primarily empirical projects that investigate questions within macroeconomics.

·         My slides on how to choose a topic, how to find data, etc (in Danish): For BA here and for MA here.

·         A list of data that might be useful for your projects: here.

·         Some tips for BA and MA thesis writers (in Danish): here.

·         Some Youtube videos that I made to fascilitate empirical macroeconomic analysis:

·         Basic introduction to Stata: here.

·         Adding control variables in the deep determinants framework: here.

·         Graphical investigation of model-fit in Stata: here.

·         ArcGIS basic tutorial for economists: here.


Talk: My talk about economics and religion for college visitors (besøgsordning), in Danish: here.


Teaching CV


2018 -            Philosophy of science for economists, Mandatory 3rd year course

2015 -            Fundamental Determinants of Economic Outcomes, MA Seminar

2014 -            Economic History, Mandatory 2nd year course

2009              Quantitave Methods 2, TA

2007              Macroeconomics 2 (Math-econ), TA

2002-2003    Macroeconomics 1, TA