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Current Research

Physiological Aging around the World and Economic Growth. w. Casper Worm Hansen and Holger Strulik

Roman Roads to Prosperity: Persistence and Non-Persistence in Public Good Provision. (CEPR DP12745)
February 2018. With Nicolai Kaarsen, Ola Olsson and Pablo Selaya. Vox Column. Review at NEP-HIS blog.


Accounting for fetal origins: Health Capital vs. Health Deficits.
June 2017. With Casper Worm Hansen and Holger Strulik

Historical Migration and Contemporary Health.

June 2017. With Thomas B. Andersen, Christian Volmer Skovsgaard and Pablo Selaya

Physiological Constraints and Comparative Development.
This version: March 2017. With  Holger Strulik
Discussion of paper at
"The Growth Economics Blog", "EconWeekly" and "Marginal revolution"

Climate Shocks and (very) Long-Run Productivity.
October 2016. (being revised)

With Casper Worm Hansen and Nicolai Kaarsen.


The Bounty of the Sea and Long-Run Development.
This version: August 2016.
With Anne Sofie Beck Knudsen and Pablo Selaya. Supplementary Material.


Older working papers:

The Political Economy of Redistributive Taxation and Growth: Reconciling Theory with Evidence
This version: April 2013.
ith Henrik Hansen