Curriculum Vitae

Publications in International Journals

Pre-Reformation Roots of the Protestant Ethic. Supplementary Material.
Economic Journal 127, 2017, 1756-93.
With Thomas B. AndersenJeanet Bentzen and Paul Sharp.
Vox column, LSE business review.

The Return to Foreign aid.
Journal of Development Studies 57, 2017, 998-1018
With Henrik Hansen

The Genesis of the Golden Age: Accounting for the Rise in Health and Leisure.
Review of Economic Dynamics 24, 2017, 132-51
With Holger Strulik.

Physiology and Development: Why the West is Taller than the Rest
Economic Journal 126, 2016, 2292-2323.
With Holger Strulik 

Climate and the Emergence of Global income difference. Supplementary material
Review of Economic Studies 83, 2016, p. 1334-63.
(Previously entitled "Eye Disease, the Fertility Decline, and the Emergence of Global income differences)

With Thomas B. Andersen and Pablo Selaya

The Physiological Foundation of the Wealth of Nations. Supplementary material.
Journal of Economic Growth 20, 2015, 37-73.

With Holger Strulik.


Optimal Aging and Death: Understanding the Preston Curve 
Journal of the European Economic Association 12, 2014, 672-701.
With Holger Strulik


The History Augmented Solow model
European Economic Review 63, 2013, 134-49
With Holger Strulik.


Why are Rich Countries More Politically Cohesive?
Scandinavian Journal of Economics 115, 2013, 423-48.
With Ola Olsson


Power outages and economic growth in Africa. Energy Economics, 38, 2013, 19-23
With Thomas B. Andersen


Lightning, IT Diffusion and Economic Growth across US States. Download data
Review of Economics and Statistics 94,
2012, 903–924.
With Thomas B. Andersen, Jeanet Bentzen and Pablo Selaya.
Selected Press coverage: "There Go the Servers: Lightning's New Perils", Wall Street Journal; Lynnedslag kan dræne økonomien, Politiken; Lyn rammer økonomien, Danmarks Radio; Et lyn kan lamme økonomien, EPN.


Does the Internet Reduce Corruption? Evidence from U.S. States and Across Countries. Download data
World Bank Economic Review
25, 2011, 387-417.
With Thomas B. Andersen, Jeanet Bentzen and Pablo Selaya.


Energy Distribution and Economic Growth
Resource and Energy Economics 33, 2011, 782-97.
With Holger Strulik


A Physiological Foundation for the Nutrition-based Efficiency Wage Model.
Oxford Economic Papers 63, 2011, 232-253.
With Holger Strulik.


Flows of People, Flows of Ideas, and the Inequality of Nations. Download data
Journal of Economic Growth, 16, 2011, 1-32.
With Thomas Barnebeck Andersen.

Selected Press coverage: "Rejs ud - og gør os alle sammen rigere", Berlingske Tidende 28-5-11. "Udlandserfaring skaber merværdi til Danmark", Erhvervsbladet 11-8-11; "At rejse er at skabe: Velstand", Jyllandsposten 17-8-11.


Life Cycle Savings, Bequest and a Diminishing Impact of Scale on Growth
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control , 33, 2009,  1639-47.
With Martin Kaae Jensen.


Reasonable expectations and the First Millennium Development Goal: How Much Can Aid Achieve?
World Development, 37, 2009, p. 1170-81.
With Lennart Erickson.


Accounting for productivity: is it OK to assume that the world is Cobb-Douglas?
Journal of Macroeconomics, 31, 2009, p. 290-303.
With Shekhar Aiyar.


Dual Economies and International Total Factor Productivity Differences: Channelling the Impact from Institutions, Trade and Geography.
Economica, 75, 2008, 629-61.
With Areendam Chanda.


Donor Policy Rules and Aid Effectiveness
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 32, 2008, p. 1895-1920.


Technological Progress and Regress in Pre-Industrial Times
Journal of Economic Growth, 13, 2008, p. 125-44.
With Shekhar Aiyar and Omer Moav.


Windfall Gains, Political Economy, and Economic Development
Journal of African Economies, 17, 2008. 72-109.
With Ola Olsson.


Capital Utilization and the Foundations of Club Convergence.
Economics Letters, 87, 2005, 145-52.
With Jes Winther Hansen.


Total Factor Productivity Revisited: A Dual Approach to Development Accounting.
IMF Staff Papers, 52, 2005, 88-102
With Shekhar Aiyar.


On the Empirics of Foreign Aid and Growth. Download data
Economic Journal,
114, 2004, F191-F216.
With Henrik Hansen and Finn Tarp.


Idle Capital and Long-run Productivity.
The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics: Vol. 3 : Iss. 1 (Contributions), 2003, article 6.


Endogenous Growth: A Knife-Edge or the Razor's Edge? 
Scandinavian Journal of Economics , 105, 2003, pp. 73-86.
With Claus Thustrup Kreiner.


Is Declining Productivity Inevitable?
Journal of Economic Growth, 6, 2001, pp. 187-203.
With Claus Thustrup Kreiner.
Reprinted in: John Creedy and  Ross Guest (eds.), 2007."New Developments  in the Economics of Population Aging".The  International  Library of Critical  Writings in Economics. Mark Blaug,  Series Editor. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. 


On Aid, Growth and Good Policies.  Download data.
Journal of Development Studies,
37, 2001, pp.17-41.
With Henrik Hansen.
Reprinted in: Niels Hermes and Robert Lensink (eds), 2001 “Changing the Conditions for Development Aid: A New Paradigm?” . Frank Cass Publishers.


On the Measurement of s-convergence
Economics Letters, 70, 2001, pp. 283-87.
With Jacob Vastrup.