DET was a research network on Dynamic Economic Theory based at the Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen. The network was established in 1999, and funded by the Danish Social Sciences Research Council until the end of 2005.

The purpose of the network was to strengthen research on:

Members of DET

In its final years, the network members were:

Former members:

The group was headed by Karl Vind until his death in 2004, then headed by Peter Norman Sørensen.

Main Events

May 2000, workshop on the Mathematics of Dynamic Economic Models.

January 2001, internal workshop for the network at Frederiksdal.

June 2001, Workshop on Learning.

May 2004, workshop on Time Preferences.

June 2004, workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomic Theory.

June 2005, workshop on Economic Growth and Institutions.

September 2005, workshop on Informational Herding Behavior.

DET - Dynamic Economic Theory network
Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen
Studiestræde 6
DK-1455 Copenhagen K

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