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Recent Public Lectures



Lessons About Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance from Collaboration with the Danish Tax Agency

Invited talk at the Danish Ministry of Finance, August 2020



Lessons About Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance from Collaboration with the Danish Tax Agency

Keynote Lecture at VATT day, Helsinki, October 2019



From Empirical Research to Policy

Invited talk, lunch session at the European Economic Association Congress, Manchester, August 2019



Behavioral Heterogeneity, Inequality and Public Policy

Keynote lecture at Workshop on Taxation and Social Expenditures, IEB Barcelona, June 2019



The Academic Foundation for Dynamic Scoring (in Danish)

Lecture at symposium about the Ministry of Finance organized by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters,  May 2019



Inequality in Life Expectancy and Health Behavior

Lecture at seminar organized by the Danish Economic Socity,  March 2019



Lessons about tax evasion and tax avoidance from collaboration with the Danish tax agency

Invited talk at the Swedish Tax Agency, December 2018



Tax Compliance: Key Questions and Some Answers

Keynote Lecture at Workshop on Empirical Analysis of Tax Compliance, Oslo 2018



Presentation of Center of Economic Behavior and Inequality (CEBI), Center of excellence, founded in September 2017

Presentations at Aarhus University, the Danish Central Bank and the Rockwool Research Foundation

September-October 2017



Minimum wages and youth employment

Presentations at Aarhus University, the Danish Invited lecture, Confederation of Danish Employers, August 2016



Income taxation, labor supply and welfare

Invited lecture, Danish Economic Association, August 2016



Using Big Data to analyze Economic Behavior

Invited lecture, Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, April 2016



Learning about tax evasion and tax avoidance through collaboration with tax authorities

Keynote lecture, ZEW Public Finance 2015 Conference.



Expert witness at public hearing about taxation in the Danish Parliament

October 2014

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International Public Debate


Do Lower Minimum Wages for Young Workers raise Their Employment?

Research Briefs in Economic Policy No. 169, CATO Institute

June 2019 Read


Article about my joint work with Daniel Reck and Peer Skov about employment effects of minimum wages by Alex Tabarrok at the MarginalRevolution

June 2017 Read


Born with a silver spoon?

Vox news

November 2016 Read


Bequests and wealth inequality: Evidence from Denmark

Vox news

March 2016 Read


Stimulus Policy: Why Not Let People Spend Their Own Money?

Guest post together with David Dreyer Lassen and Søren Leth-Petersen at http://blog.supplysideliberal.com/tagged/shortrunfiscal


What makes tax payers comply? Lessons from a tax audit experiment in Denmark

European Economy Papers 463. European Commission

October 2012. Read


Evidence from a Tax Audit Experiment in Denmark

An article appearing in The NBER Digest. Summarizing my NBER Working Paper no. w15769 (with Henrik Kleven, Martin Knudsen, Søren Pedersen and Emmanuel Saez)

July 2010 Read


In-Work Benefits: A More Effective Way of Reducing Inequality than Traditional Redistribution Policies

Media Briefing of the Royal Economic Society, summarizing my article span with Herwig Immervoll, Henrik Jacobsen Kleven and Emmanuel Saez on "Welfare Reform in European Countries: A Micro-Simulation Analysis." Economic Journal 117, 2007, 1-44. Download Media Briefing


The Work Effects of Tax Cuts on Low-Income Single Mothers

An article appearing in i The NBER Digest summarizing my NBER Working Paper no. w10935 (with Nada Eissa and Henrik Kleven) on the effects of US tax reforms on single mothers.

July 2005


Danish Public Debate


Topskat, selvfinansieringsgrad og velfærd

Kommende artikel i Samfundsøkonome Download


Commissioned reports and articles from the Danish Economic Council 2010-2014

Available at the Danish Economic Council homepage


Hvorfor tale om en skattereform?

Kronik i Politiken, 2. februar 2009 Download


Økonomer tror alt kan måles i penge - ik'? (med Henrik Hansen)

Indlæg i Politen (særudgave), Maj 2005 Download


Misforstået solidaritet (med Henrik Jacobsen Kleven og David Dreyer Lassen)

Indlæg i Weekendavisenn, 18. marts 2005 Download


Velfærd på amerikansk? (med Henrik Jacobsen Kleven og David Dreyer Lassen)

Artikel i Weekendavisen, 18. februar 2005  Download


Hvem skal have skattelettelserne (med Henrik Jacobsen Kleven og Peter Birch Sørensen)

Kronik i Berlingske Tidende, 6. november 2002 Download


På vej mod Ny Økonomi?

Artikel i Samfundsøkonomen 2001 Download


Pay-per-view - Fremtiden TV? (med Søren Kyhl)

Kronik i Politiken, 8. august 2000  Download