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On-going research

Working papers / submitted work / Work in progress  


Cavalca, Petra, Mette Ejrnæs, and Mette Gørtz: Before and after out-of-home placement: Child health, education and crime. CEBI Working Paper 22/2022. R&R, Journal of Human Resources.


Gensowski, Miriam, and Mette Gørtz:  The Education-Health Gradient: Revisiting the Role of Socio-Emotional Skills. CEBI Working Paper 04/2023. IZA DP 16300. R&R, Journal of Health Economics.


Sander, Sarah, Mette Gørtz, and Vibeke Myrup Jensen: Daycare Enrollment Age and Child Development. CEBI Working Paper 26/2022. Submitted.


Ejrnæs, Mette, Esteban Garcia-Miralles, Mette Gørtz, and Petter Lundborg: When Death Was Postponed: The Effect of HIV Medication on Work and Marriage. CEBI Working Paper 08/2022. IZA DP 16228. Submitted.


Gørtz, Mette, Sarah Sander, and Almudena Sevilla: Does the Child Penalty Strike Twice? CEBI Working Paper 30/2020. IZA DP 16557Submitted.


Gørtz, Mette, Ida Lykke Kristiansen and Tianyi Wang: Does Physicians’ Female Socialization Influence Female Patients’ Health?


Currie, Janet, Meltem Daysal, Mette Gørtz and Jonas Cuzulan Hirani: Child Disability and Sibling Mental Health


Gørtz, Mette, Sarah Sander, and Almudena Sevilla: Parental Time Investments and the Adult Outcomes of their Children.    


Ejrnæs, Mette, and Mette Gørtz: The impact of (mis)-information on the take-up of HPV vaccine.


Bakx, Pieter, Mette Gørtz, and Eddy Van Doorslaer: Preventive Home Visits