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On-going research

Working papers / work in progress / submitted 

Browning, Martin, Olivier Donni and Mette Gørtz: Do you have time to take a walk together? Private and joint leisure within the household. CEBI Working Paper 01/2020. Conditionally accepted, Economic Journal.


Batsaikhan, Mongoljin, Mette Gørtz, John Kennes, Ran Sun Lyng, Daniel Monte and Norovsambuu Tumennasan: Daycare choice and ethnic diversity: Evidence from a Randomized Survey. CEBI Working Paper 14/2019. Submitted.


Gensowski, Miriam, Mette Gørtz, and Stefanie Schurer: Personality Dynamics over the Lifecourse. CEBI Working Paper 16/2020.


Wagner, Sander, and Mette Gørtz: Twinstruments? – Revisiting the Twin Approach to Estimating the Relationship between Fertility and Maternal Labor Market Outcomes.


Bakx, Pieter, Judith Bom, Mette Gørtz, Jonathan Skinner, and Eddy Van Doorslaer: Disabled elderly and LTC systems (Working title).


Gørtz, Mette, Sarah Sander, and Almudena Sevilla: Parental Time Investments and the Adult Outcomes of their Children.


Sander, Sarah, Mette Gørtz, and Vibeke Myrup Jensen: Age at enrollment in child care and child development.


Ejrnæs, Mette, Esteban Miralles Garcia, Mette Gørtz, Petter Lundborg, and Kaveh Majlesi: HIV treatment and long-term economic decisions.


Cavalca, Petra, Mette Ejrnæs, and Mette Gørtz: Scare of fiscal budget overrun and the decision of out-of-home care.


Cavalca, Petra, Mette Ejrnæs, and Mette Gørtz: Effects of placing children in foster care on education, health and well-being.


Bakx, Pieter, Mette Gørtz, and Eddy Van Doorslaer: Preventive Home Visits.